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About the Foundation

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Evergreen Public Schools, the ESDF partners with our community to bridge the basic needs gap, foster innovative and engaging learning experiences and maximize opportunities to ensure that all students have access to a world-competitive education.

Evergreen Public Schools Challenge

Evergreen Public Schools is the largest school district in Southwest Washington, with 26,644 students, attending 35 schools supported by 1659 teachers. This growing population is increasingly diverse: more than one in three participate in free or reduced lunch programs; one in four students is an ethnic minority, one in eight require special education and one in twelve need transitional language support for English as there are 52 languages spoken within the district. Providing an excellent education that engages all of these students and prepares them for successful lives requires support beyond what the State funds.

The Foundation Bridges Gaps

Given sufficient resources, every student, every teacher and every school can succeed and prosper. The Foundation steps in to fill the gap between what the District can provide and what the students need. We are working with the District to achieve its goal of providing a world-competitive education through the following programs:

  • Educational Excellence Grants - $30,000 awarded annually to teachers for innovative programs.

  • Annual Scholarships - $10,000 in college scholarships awarded for high school student achievement.

  • Colonial Williamsburg - $6,000 or more awarded to send two to three teachers per year for special training.

  • Principal’s Checkbook - $2,500 annual contributions to fund individual student needs.

Building on Success

Although the response to these programs has been great, there’s just so much more to do. Our goal over the next three years is to expand the impact of our programs and build an endowment of at least $1 million to guarantee their continuation. In addition to our current programs, expansion objectives include:

  • Expand support for basic student, teacher and classroom needs.

  • Promote student excellence by funding new, innovative educational initiatives.

  • Expand scholarships opportunities for students post secondary education.

  • Connect students, schools and the community through targeted programs.

  • Support student enrichment activities.

How You Can Help

The ESDF is entirely funded through individual, business and community support. Primary revenue sources are individual donations, the annual auction, a pledge drive, and other fundraising events. Every dollar raised directly impacts the number of students and programs provided. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Make a donation.

  • Volunteer your time: Work at one of our fundraisers, attend a meeting, help out on a committee.

  • Spread the word: Tell your friends, family and neighbors about the ESDF and how they can get involved

Education is an investment that benefits us all. Whether its five dollars, five minutes or five ideas we all have something we can contribute. Please contact our office at (360) 604-4022 to learn how you can help.

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